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1 Jan 2014

The Deb Bailey Research Centre will establish a world’s best practice translational research program that links MND patients to our research.

At Macquarie University, the Deb Bailey Research Centre has a unique opportunity to operate a research centre that encompasses both clinical and laboratory research, and engages and supports MND patients. The Research Centre is building a research pipeline that is supported by a critical mass of leading researchers and collaborative research teams.

This is expected to lead to breakthrough discoveries in MND research providing treatments and ultimately a cure for MND patients world wide.



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The Deb Bailey Foundation for Motor Neurone Disease is a not-for-profit organistation and depends on the generosity of individuals, corporations and community groups to help us achieve our mission of finding a cure for MND. Whether your interested in fundraising, sponsorship, joining the research team, or if you’re just keen to get involved, there are many ways you can help.

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You can support the research and work we are doing by donating to The Deb Bailey Foundation for Motor Neurone Inc. Whether it’s a one off donation, pledge or sponsorship you can be assured that your money is going towards research aimed at finding a cure for MND.

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Are you looking to get involved through research, by providing information or by sharing stories about your involvement with MND? If you would like to get in touch with us, The Deb Bailey Centre for Motor Neurone Disease, or our researchers please contact us.

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