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3 Dec 2013

Macquarie University and the Deb Bailey Research Centre will differentiate itself as a national and international leader in MND research providing exceptional returns for sponsors.

The Deb Bailey Research Centre is a unique research model that is changing the culture of research into MND by bringing the best researchers together into a dedicated research environment to work collaboratively and synergistically to enhance the likelihood of finding breakthroughs in MND treatment and, ultimately a cure for MND.

The research discoveries expected by the Centre should be directly applicable to research in other neurodegenerative diseases, and may advance breakthroughs in these related research areas. Notably, neurodegenerative diseases as a whole represent the third most common cause of disability and financial burden in Australia. The scientific discoveries made by the Centre will lead to the development of therapeutic treatments for MND, which will result in expected cost savings in the Australian healthcare system.

100% of funds raised by the Deb Bailey Foundation for Motor Neurone Disease are provided to the MND research team at the Deb Bailey Research Centre. These funds will be used effectively through the unique research model of the Deb Bailey Research Centre at Macquarie University. The model encourages collaboration across multiple disciplines and efficient operations, with a focus on minimal (if any) duplication.

MND places an immense emotional, social and financial cost on the community. It is estimated that an average 14 immediate family and close friends will watch helplessly as someone they love dies from MND. These people will require the support of a wider group of people (family, friends and healthcare professionals), and thus the ripple effect caused in the community by one person with MND places an immense emotional and financial burden on the wider Australian community.

MND is a terrible and traumatic disease that remains vivid in the minds of those affected. Most who are diagnosed with MND will die a dreadful death within one to five years. Research into MND will receive heartfelt public recognition, and will enhance the community’s awareness of MND and encourage support for those that suffer or are immediately affected by this disease.

The Deb Bailey Research Centre model is specifically tailored to harnessing the scientific knowledge and expertise within the Centre. The Centre will work closely with Macquarie University’s Australian School of Advanced Medicine, the world-class bio bank currently in development, Macquarie University Hospital and core Macquarie facilities, such as: the Australian Proteome Facility, Central Animal Facility and Biomedical Imaging Facility.

This provides a unique and competitive offering for the success of the Deb Bailey Research Centre and ultimately a cure for MND.



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