Value Proposition: Deb Bailey Research Centre Researchers

1 Jan 2014

The Deb Bailey Research Centre in partnership with Macquarie University is the vehicle that brings Australia’s best biomedical MND researchers together to facilitate collaborative exponential advancements in MND research.

The Deb Bailey Research Centre offers researchers and PhD students the opportunity to gain a rich research experience, by conducting research at global standards, with new technologies, and translational research from “bedside to laboratory”, which aims to find treatments for MND and ultimately a cure. The researchers are provided an unrivalled opportunity to learn from some of the best in their field.

The Centre enables the researchers to gain access to Macquarie University’s Australian School of Advanced Medicine, Macquarie University Hospital, Macquarie University’s MND clinic and world class bio bank (the latter is currently under development). This includes the latest DNA and genetic screening technology, gene-delivery and gene-knockout technology and world class protein analysis. This allows researchers to undertake long-term “high-reward” research that is expected to make breakthrough discoveries in understanding the causes of MND. There is no other research model like the Deb Bailey Research Centre in Australia that focuses on MND.

Macquarie University has provided significant funding for five years, which allows researchers involved to undertake a long-term approach to their research. This enhances the likelihood of finding breakthrough outcomes. This allows researchers to be able to focus on their research and not fundraising and grant applications.

The Centre’s research leaders are key researchers in their field, who are planning to spend most of their time conducting research and training the next generation of Australian researchers. The research leaders are mid-career researchers who will spend the next 20+ years dedicated to this research. The Deb Bailey Research Centre develops a long-term career for PHD students, in their medical research within Australia and internationally.

The cost of a researcher to work in the Centre in terms of time and effort is a small trade-off when compared to the wealth of experience and knowledge that the researcher obtains from working with the high calibre of researchers and facilities.

Researchers previously worked in relative isolation, in different institutions and different states across the country. Macquarie University in partnership with the Deb Bailey Foundation bring Australia’s best biomedical MND researchers together at Macquarie University to facilitate exponential advancement in MND research by working collaboratively rather than in isolation.



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