Value Proposition: MND Patients, Their Friends And Family

1 Jan 2014

The Deb Bailey Research Centre’s goal is to focus intensive collaborative research efforts on developing breakthroughs in therapeutic strategies for MND, and ultimately finding a cure for sufferers.

The Deb Bailey Research Centre fosters the collaboration between pre-eminent, internationally recognised researchers to focus on finding a cure for MND. This provides hope for MND sufferers, their families and friends that there will be new treatments, and possibly a cure, for this systematic and debilitating disease.

The Deb Bailey Research Centre’s ultimate goal is to find a cure to MND to prevent future generations from having to suffer from the fatal and paralysing disease. MND only attacks the nerve cells in the spinal cord, it spares the brain leaving a sufferer’s awareness intact. This means that people with MND are completely aware of the progressive degeneration to their motor function and feel helpless in their condition.

The Deb Bailey Research Centre’s collaborative research approach has identified a new approach to researching MND which is believed to enhance the likelihood of breakthrough discoveries in understanding the causes of MND. The research undertaken in the Centre is focused on world’s best practice “bedside to laboratory” research.

The collaboration and research synergies between the MND research experts at the Deb Bailey Research Centre provides a unique and innovative research model to ultimately find a cure for MND. The benefits the Research Centre provides to those with MND, their families and friends, and the wider Australian community is immeasurable.


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